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TV Asia is the first Information and entertainment channel for the South- Asian community in North America .The network was founded in April-1993, by legendary Indian movie star Amitabh Bachchan. In 1997 as part of a restructuring the network, a well-known entrepreneur and community leader H.R. Shah, took TV Asia and grew it to what it is today, A channel that focuses on the Indian community within the US and a medium that reaches out to the masses and brings them under the umbrella of culture, tradition and family. HR Shah\’s backing, resources and the fact that he is based in the U.S., gave TV Asia a huge boost, making it the premier South- Asian network in North America.

TV Asia airs regularly scheduled programming in Hindi, English, and Gujarati 24/7. As South Asians choose to maintain a close interest with the affairs of their homeland, TV Asia dedicates its efforts to bringing the South Asian-American community together by delivering a high quality channel both in content and on-screen presentation. TV Asia is based on a wide range of programming, ensuring the broadest possible audience. From news, local community news and educational programs to dramas, music, movies, in-house programs.

TV Asia’s broadcasting and online services while providing individual regions with their own distinctive voices, draws a perspective on wider issues and coverage of local issues and events. Management and Staff of TV Asia promote a sense of community through local programming and online content, outside broadcasts, special events, forums and public speaking engagements.