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BollyPop was born in Los Angeles in 2015 and the founder Aakansha Maheshwari started it with her desire to share Indian culture and arts. Raised in New Delhi and having trained in over 15 years of Bharatanatyam and many folk dance forms, Aakansha now travels all across North America sharing, performing and teaching workshops. She has branches in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City and will soon be coming to Washington State! Aakansha has worked in a Hollywood film 'Vara- a blessing' and has been an instructor at Warner Brothers Film Studios in Hollywood. She has conducted dance workshops in many cities - LA, New York, Sacramento, New Jersey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Reno, Michigan, San Diego, Las Vegas and Ontario Canada. She teaches people of all ages with pure love to fill their hearts with joy! At Redmond Festival of Colors, Aakansha will be accompanied by her team of dancers who will light the stage on fire! Get ready to shake, swerve, move and groove across various continents in this multicultural, adventurous wonderland of dance fun with Aakansha! Follow on Facebook- www.facebook.com/bollypopla