Notice: Drugs, Alcohol, and Smoking are not permitted on Festival grounds.
We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone, or to escort anyone off the property for improper conduct.

1. Use of only lab approved VCC colors is permitted.Can be purchased on site. Any other colors will be confiscated.
2. Persons carrying eggs, paint, henna,water and anything else to play holi will be debarred from festival grounds.
3. Respect everyone's sense of personal space and boundaries
4. Smoking, drinking and drugs not allowed on festival grounds
5. Play colors only in designated area at the designated time
6. Help volunteers manage the festival by following instructions
7. We suggest you do not bring your pets for the event

Help us by

Bringing a clean pair of shoes that you can change into once the festival is over.It keeps the sidewalks clean and Redmond businesses happy when you walk in with clean shoes.
Wash up before entering any businesses around the site